Bronze Star Award Ceremony for The American Legion

WWII Veteran, Clarence Smoker is known as the “Hero of Cologne” from the documented fight where his Pershing tank destroyed a German Panther tank. His story is featured in a book called “Spearhead.” Clarence came to Washington, D.C. thinking he was signing copies of the book. Little did he know, that the U.S. Army would away him a Bronze Star in a surprise ceremony almost 75 years after the original battle.

Bells of Peace, World War I Centennial for The American Legion

On November 11, 2018, Washington National Cathedral held an interfaith worship service to remember the sacrifices of 4.7 million Americans who served in World War I and honor the role of the U.S. Military. On that same day, a separate tribute was held at Pershing Park in Washington, D.C. to honor the soldiers who fought in World War I and provide a “first look” at the new World War I Memorial. The published story is here.

Yoko K. Sen for STAT News

Yoko K. Sen is a sound alchemist and the founder of Sen Sound. After spending significant time in the hospital due to illness, where she was bombarded constantly with sounds, beeps and noise, she has embarked on a mission to redesign the soundscape that patients experience in the hospital. STAT News did this story on her and asked me to make portraits of Yoko and capture her creative process.

Washington, D.C. Skyline Panorama

Washingtonian commissioned me to make skyline images of Washington, D.C. for a feature titled, "Our Favorite Places." I obtained access to a unique high vantage point and made this panorama by stitching together 15 vertical images. At 300 DPI, the image could be printed at over 33 feet in length.

To see more detail in the image, scroll through the carousel below.

Andreas Georgiou for DIE ZEIT

Between 2010 and 2015, Andreas Georgiou was Greece's top statistician. During his tenure, Mr. Georgiou declared that Greece had falsified its figures to get more bailout money. He became public enemy #1 after speaking out and eventually was convicted for "breach of duty." I photographed Mr. Georgiou for DIE ZEIT; the story is here.