About Eric Kruszewski:

Eric Kruszewski is an editorial and commercial photographer, videographer and drone pilot based in Washington, D.C. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, his documentary and journalism work focuses on people who have undergone transitions in life, individuals and groups who are marginalized by society and unique subcultures that might not receive mainstream attention.

In addition to covering his preferred subjects, Eric has a passion for teaching photography, storytelling and the creative process. He is a photography workshop leader with National Geographic Expeditions, National Geographic Student Expeditions and Lindblad Expeditions, where he travels the world guiding adults and high school students.

Awards from:

National Geographic, Lucie Awards, International Photo Awards, Paris PX3, Travel Photographer of the Year, Photo District News, Pollux Awards, Prix Pictet (nominated)

Exhibitions in:

Baltimore Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall (New York City), Royal Geographical Society (London)

Partial client and publication list includes:

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