Gramothe, Haiti is a mountain village located 13 miles southeast of Port-au-Prince where a model society is being built, crafted, and nourished. Through dedication, perseverance, donations, and vision, a Haitian-American family is successfully creating an opportunity that inspires villagers in and around Gramothe to realize their full and true potential. With proper leadership, this progressive community could potentially expand across the entire country.

Since 1999, one determined family built a church, a school with grades kindergarten through secondary, and a medical clinic in Gramothe -- in 2010, construction on a new hospital began. Haitians throughout this steeply mountainous region are beginning to feel the changes deeply. More children are attending classes, the number of crops per family is growing, visits to the clinic (open only when foreign medical teams arrive) are on the rise, as are the number of people participating in religious services or classes. Though the suffering in Port-au-Prince and in the hills around Gramothe is visible and palpable, Gramothe itself remains a bright spot and a source of hope.